This is a Pushrod Manx This is the closest your are going to get to a 490cc pushrod Manx Norton racing engine.

When Sue bought the Norton it had been stood for Six Years and then due to Sue's work commitments it stood for another four years.
The engine is based on a 1951 Mod 18 crankcase fitted with a long stroke Manx Norton steel crankshaft and con-rod.
It uses a 500T Alfin barrel and early Manx Norton slipper piston.
The cylinder head is the early Alfin head with the iron skull that was used up to 1957 and had been fitted with a BSA Goldstar 44mm inlet valve.
While I was re-building the engine I fitted a pair of valve seats to the iron skull. I then took the opportunity to fit the larger 47mm Goldstar inlet valve.
The inlet tract had allready been machined out to 32mm and fitted with a short spigot and rubber connector. It is fitted with an Amal MK1 Concentric allthough originally it had a Amal TT carburettor.
The original cams were re-profiled Norton cams but they were in poor condition. Both cams have been replaced with a set of my race cams.
Now that the Norton is finally up and running Sue is hoping to take part in some sprint and hill climbs.

FULL RACE Road Legal ES2 NORTON OWNED BY Tom Outwin of New Jersey USA

A first class build from the US of A I built this engine for Tom based on the well tried and tested BSA Goldstar dimensions ie; 85mm X 88mm.

The 88mm stroke crank has been machined oval to clear the piston on B.D.C. using a 6.5" connecting rod.

The cylinder barrel is one of my own aluminium cast barrels as these will go up to 90mm bore.

I have fitted a B33 flat crown piston as this works very well with the squish band head that I use.

A Nice shot of the plain side The cylinder head is from a 350 Mod 50 Norton. By machining the 350 head to fit the big bore barrel I am left with a large squish band that will give high compression with the more efficient flat crown piston.

The inlet tract has been cut off to allow me to bore out to 34mm before fitting a new 15 degree downdraught manifold for a MK2 Amal concentric. The head is fitted with a large inlet valve and fully gass flowed. I have fitted a set of my superlight rockers at 160g each and a pair of race cams. The ignition is by a self generating fully electronic BT-H magneto.


Getting ready for action Gaatze is a Dutch rider who is devoted to short circuit road racing.

This is his first racing Norton that is in fact an almost standard 1951 ES2 iron engine in a BSA frame.

Allthough the engine is practically standard Gaatze finished every race and never came in last.

Realizing that he needed a faster and better handling bike a Featherbed frame and another ES2 engine was sourced.

In the thick of it This is Gaatze in action on his Norbsa sometime during 2005.

Can you believe that this is an almost standard ES2 engine that was raced all season without breaking.

This is around the time that Gaatze contacted me for help on tuning his nex ES2 engine.

The New Featherbed race bike New frame, new engine.

This is the new race bike built using a mid 50's Featherbed frame and the new engine.

This engine is fitted with a high compression piston, my race cams and a special cylinder head.

This time the cylinder head is an Alfin from a 500T trials Norton. The inlet tract is now 34mm and fully gass flowed right up to the very large inlet valve.

The rewards of determination Sheer determination brings its rewards.

Once the new bike had been set up on the dyno it was only a matter of time before the trophies came along.

FULL RACE 500 CCM OWNED BY Denis Rawcliffe. Rider is Gary Parker from Preston Lanc,s

Resting between races YES, WELL SPOTTED. IT'S NOT A NORTON.

Please remember that I am a Motorcycle Engine Specialist and work on All Makes Of Motorcycles!

I have just fully re-built the CCM engine after it suffered from a collapsed lay shaft bearing that almost scrapped the engine case. The only way to save the case was to machine out all the damaged area and fit a bronze bush that would hold a new needle roller bearing for the lay shaft. Once this work was completed it was important to check the end float on both the main and lay shaft to ensure it would not happen again.

Resting between races The CCM uses a new frame that has been built under licence by Joe Maxwell to a 1974 pattern. The wheels are CZ copies as used by Clews back in the 70's and these were also supplied by Joe. I think Joe has a web site that may be Maxwell Engineering. The forks are Ceriani and the rear shocks are Works Performance from the US of A. The ignition system is by Interspan and the carb is a Mikuni that I have been reliably informed that Clews was using these back in 1974.

grinning after just getting 2nd place with the rebuilt engine Gary Parker with the CCM after getting 2nd place.

The winning machine was a long stroke CCM of 610cc and just had the edge over the 500.


In full flight at the IOM Peter used to race a COMDOM (750 Commando engine,Domminator wideline Featherbed frame). Now he is busy developing his ES2 Engine to racing specifications

It is fitted with a steel 86mm stroke crank, ally barrel with 86mm Ducati flat crown piston and the cylinder head has been heavily modified with an oval squish band combustion chamber.

With all this work done the engine would still not rev over 6000rpm and at this point Peter contacted me. I fitted one of my 34mm downdraught inlet tracts to the cylinder head and supplied Peter with all the settings for a MK2 Amal Concentric. With the engine back together there was a power increase of 8 bhp at the back wheel but it was still reluctant to go over 6000 rpm.

Peter then fitted a set of my cams and this is what he had to say.

With the new cams fitted the bike has been transformed! 80 MPH cruising... 100 MPH at less than 7000 RPM. Good traction from 3000 RPM. No noticeable downside, ticks over nicely. Very enjoyable to ride! And will mug Modern bikes on the bypass!

If you want to see more try Peters web site at

MOD 19 RIGID SPECIAL OWNED BY Duncan Conrad of London

Waiting to be ridden Duncan's Norton has that wonderfull period look. It has been assembled using only Norton parts but from different periods. The frame is a 1950 ES2 rigid fitted with girder forks from the 1930's. The engine is a 56 Mod 19 600cc unit with the Alfin aluminium head. The gearbox is a STD Norton laydown box that is correct for the frame. These boxes were used up to 1956 when they were then replaced with the AMC type box.

Waiting to be ridden I have just fitted a fully electronic BT-H magneto and this has transformed the bike into a first kick starter. If you look closely at the primary side you will see that at Duncans request I have fitted the Manx chain guard while at the same time giving the clutch a complete overhall with new shock absorber rubbers, bonded clutch plates and new drive plates. As I was replacing the primary chain I fitted a 22t engine sprocket to raise the gearing.

MOD 440T Short Stroke Trials SPECIAL OWNED BY Bob the Builder of Devon

Ready for Action I have used a 350cc Mod 50 alternator botton end for this engine so that I can fit the crankshaft mounted self generating ignition system. The primary chaincase also contains a belt drive conversion. The engine uses a 500T Alfin cylinder barrel and ES2 piston that is conected to the crank with an ES2 seven inch connecting rod. The cylinder head is from a Mod 50 but machined to fit the 500T barrel leaving a nice squish band. The standard 1-5/8" valves have been retained along with the 25mm inlet tract. The gearbox is the laydown type with the top lug machined out to fit the T frame and fitted with trials gears. The 1950 fork sliders are fitted with Commando stanchions and Manx internals to reduce the weight.